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Yummy Yummy Gummy Fruit Snacks

I love gummy candies.  I’ve missed them so.   I mean, Sour Patch kids were totally my movie snack of choice before I transitioned to a healthier way of eating. I thought gummies were out of my life forever.  I’m so happy they are back, and without the dreaded sugar crash.

The idea of a healthier gummy treat came to me when I started doing research on the benefits of collagen for connective tissue.  Women in some of my Facebook mom groups raved about how it helped rebuild their connective tissue and improved the appearance of their post-birth tummies and diastasis recti problems.  They were putting it in their coffee and tea.  I haven’t tried that, but it didn’t sound as fun as yummy, yummy gummies!

Besides, I figured it couldn’t hurt to add a little collagen to my life; after all, it has many benefits and a lot of protein in it, which is great for building muscle and curbing appetite.   I will say, my connective tissue is much better since I began making these last year, but truth be told, I’m not sure how much credit goes to the collagen.  I suspect that while some of the improvement is due to healthy eating and core-friendly exercises, the largest factor at play is simply time.   My body was stretched to the max and it took much longer to heal than with my singleton.  Like way longer.  Like it will never look the same longer.   The first year after I had my twin boys, I could stick my fingers to my middle knuckle.  It still sinks in, but only to the top knuckle now, and my stomach has vastly improved.

But alas, who cares!  These are the bomb and SO easy to make.  Do people still say “the bomb” anymore?  We said that all the time in middle school.  I still like to throw it around from time to time. Makes me feel alive.  I will ask my teen step-kids and let you know if it is still cool.  My step-son knows cool.  He tried to tell me that adults shouldn’t text LOL.  We are too old, he said.  I quickly responded that we coined LOL…back when we had dial-up AOL.  Boom! That was our generation, baby cakes.  You owe us some kind of royalties, frankly. We were cool AF.  (I had to google AF when I saw it on my step-daughters phone–use sparingly.  I thought it stood for Aunt Flo.  I was wrong.  Maybe I am getting old.  Rats.).


I made this batch with ducks and bunnies for a little healthy Easter treat.  I was very excited to try out my new molds.  I was making these using a baby food tray, but now I’ve got gummies with class.  These gummies are Paleo and gluten-free.

Yummy Yummy Gummy Treats


2 cups of juice (make sure it is no sugar added–I like blueberry because it has antioxidants and is lower in sugar than many)

4 tablespoons collagen

1/4 teaspoon stevia (optional)

Molds (I just bought these and love them!)


Add juice to saucepan and heat until hot, not quite boiling.  Turn off heat and stir in collagen, one tablespoon at a time, until each is dissolved.  Add the stevia or a little honey depending on how sweet or tart your juice of choice is, and stir for an additional minute or two.  Place in molds and refrigerate until set (about four hours).

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