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Easy as Heck Almond Butter Cups

Almond butter hold

Okay, my husband said that I’m not allowed to post this recipe.  He is in the packaging business and wants to sell them for profit.  He is obsessed with them.   But I’m a feminist, you see, and no man can keep me from posting about almond butter cups–not even that good looking man I married.  No, not on an issue this important.   Long live almond butter cups!

Dark chocolate, creamy almond butter…with a hint of sweetness.  They are one of my favorite desserts, too.   These paleo, gluten-free, no-bake, full-of-flavor almond butter cups are way better than the store bought peanut butter cups and so much healthier.

The biggest secret of all is they are wicked easy to make and don’t even require baking. What?  Yep.  Just whip them together and pop in the freezer.  Boom. Dessert goodness.

almond butter cup supplies


1 cup almond butter

5 dates

1-2 tbsp honey (to taste)

1 tbsp coconut oil, melted

Dark chocolate; 1 cup melted (I use 85% cocoa)



Blend almond butter, honey, coconut oil and dates using a food processor, blender or hand-held emulsifier (this is what I use because my food processor is too big).  Fill silicone baking cups 3/4 full.   Melt chocolate of choice either in double broiler pan or in microwave, stirring frequently. Pour melted chocolate over almond butter filling.  Place in freezer for at least an hour.  You may want to let sit out for a few minutes before eating to soften just a bit.



Almond butter stack

Almond butter horiz

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  1. Sam says: Reply

    Hello! This looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it! Does this make 4 cups? Also do u have any nutrician info? Thanks!

    1. I’m sorry. I don’t have nutrition info. You could plug it into It makes about 8 cups depending on how thick you want them.

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