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3 Basic Core Exercises to Flatten Your Stomach

Cool news!  I am partnering with the pelvic floor physical therapist I used to rehabilitate my core after the twins gave it a whopping.  She is super bad-ass and has so much knowledge. If you are in the Tucson area, check out Success Physical Therapy.   If you aren’t, find a pelvic floor physical therapist in your area.

Anyway, we are compiling a series of videos over the next couple of weeks to teach you all some great core-strengthening moves, and also ways to better move your body throughout the day without compromising your core (think picking up the car seat, lifting your kids, etc.).

In the meantime, you all will have to settle for my way less informative tips and exercises.

This video shows three super simple exercises to build transverse abdominis strength.  Remember, these are your corset abdominal muscles.  They hold you in and are so very important for all aspects of strength and quality of daily living.  Ditch the traditional abdominal exercises.  They aren’t good for you and they suck.  It’s that simple.  Learning how to engage your transverse abdominis is the way to go whether you’ve had a baby recently or never.

The first exercise in the video– “the vacuum”– is your basis for everything.  If nothing else, spend some time working on this.  It took me a bit to figure out how to engage my core alongside my breath.  Cue:  Inhale and fill belly with air…hissing exhale to release air and pretend you are trying to touch your belly button to spine.  Seriously, you need to know how to do this for when you are bending over to pick up toys, loading the diswasher, picking up your kids, and especially in the gym when lifting weights or running.  When I was first learning this engagement, I’d do it as I was driving.  I still should.  Maybe I will.  Anyway, hopefully this will help you in getting started rebuilding your core post-pregnancy.  Frankly, even if you have never had a child, you should know how to get in touch with your transverse abdominis.  I didn’t learn until long after I had the twins, and I really think I would have been a stronger athlete earlier on if I had known how to use these very important muscles.



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