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Wall Plank with Variations (Healing Diastasis Recti Series)

I have been partnering with the amazing pelvic floor physical therapist who helped me so very much in improving my diastasis recti (a.k.a. Mommy Tummy).  Diana Fassett over at Success Physical Therapy is nothing short of a miracle worker…and she is SO nice.  (She is going to be embarrassed that I am writing all these wonderful things about her, but I would shout her praise from the rooftop).

Anyway, when I decided to create this website, I called her to ask if she would partner with me in helping other moms to regain their strength and confidence.   I knew I wanted to share my nutrition knowledge with busy moms, but diastasis recti help was also a priority for my site, too.  Why?  Because it isn’t talked about in our country and it is such a disservice. Did you know, one in three women suffer from diastasis recti and many don’t even know it?  Check yourself if you haven’t.  It presents itself with a pregnant looking stomach long after giving birth, back pain, incontinence and many other annoying ailments.

Women in our culture are told to just work off that baby weight. If it isn’t coming off, we must not be working hard enough…right? I mean, those celebrities on the covers got their figures back just days after birth.  I did, too, after my first son was born, so I was really confused when my body wouldn’t do what I asked of it after my twins.  I tried to crunch away my mid-section and run off the extra weight.  Still, my stomach wouldn’t flatten.  I finally figured out that I had diastasis recti and that the sit-up and crunches I was doing religiously to “rebuild my core” were causing more harm than good!  No OB/GYN or midwife checked me for diastasis recti.  No one even mentioned the words, and I had giant twins!  I was a prime candidate for this wildly annoying condition.  I googled, “Why does my abdomen dome when I do exercises?”  No joke.  That is how I discovered I was wrecking my midsection. Even so, I didn’t know where to turn or how to make it better.  I scoured mommy chat rooms and figured out that there are physical therapist who actually specialize in healing this sort of thing.  Now I am like a walking PSA.  Nutrition is my area of expertise, but I always tell people about diastasis recti and the need to avoid sit-ups.  I am like so totally annoying, but I wish someone would have annoyed me.  I think it would saved me quite a bit of heartache.

I want moms to feel as strong as ever after giving life, and not helpless and hopeless like I felt for so long after my twins were born.  Using my nutrition background and Diana’s physical therapy expertise, I hope to fill a void in our nation around woman wellness.  I want moms to feel strong and empowered in both their nutrition and their exercise.  I want them to have control over their super capable bodies.

Enough of my soapbox.  I want to teach you all how to safely plank.  The question I seem to get most on Instagram and Facebook is, “If crunches aren’t safe, what about planks?”  My answer is that planks are a great exercise and they CAN be safe…IF YOU ARE READY.  It takes time to rehab your core and a traditional plank puts downward pressure on your abdomen.  Chances are if you have diastasis recti, recently had a baby, or just haven’t built a strong core foundation, planks aren’t doing you much good and could even be causing harm.  This wall plank is the perfect alternative.  It takes the pressure off your abdominal muscles, but still requires a lot of strength.  It is also a wonderful core-strengthening option, because you can use the variations as you build strength.  Check out our tutorial.


And without further ado, the wall plank….


A little FYI…I put together a section on the website specifically dedicated to healing diastasis recti.  You will find tips on performing activities of daily living (picking up baby, moving laundry, etc.) and also an exercise section.  We will be adding to these pages regularly.  I will be posting what we have so far over the next few weeks, but wanted to let you all know that you can easily access them anytime.  I am also excited because in the coming weeks we are going to film how to do more challenging exercises (like pull ups and lifting heavier weights) for those of you with a solid fitness background. Stay tuned.


And please, if you have any requests, or questions, please send them our way!



Disclaimer: Be sure to check with a doctor before you begin any exercise routine.  By performing any exercise, you are performing them at your own risk. Get Mom Strong and its parent company N&P Billing, Inc. will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of the fitness instruction or other information shared on this site. Thank you for your understanding.



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