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Healing Diastasis Recti: Activities of Daily Living–Kitchen Duty

When I first went to physical therapy, I was like, “Yeah, lady, give me exercises to fix this ish.  I look pregnant and feel weak. FIX ME!”  I have crazy work ethic when it comes to exercising and sticking to a routine. I was committed and ready!   What threw me for a loop, was when the physical therapist explained that while exercises would help fix my abdominal separation, I also needed to change the way I moved throughout the day.  This meant changing my posture, and thinking about my core in all kinds of situations where you don’t really feel like thinking about your core…you know, picking up the laundry basket, carrying your kids, getting in and out of bed.  These are things we do all day.  Everyday.  It felt annoying to think about my core all the time.  It still does, but it has become much more second nature–a change in habit.   Improving the way I move is still a work in progress. It will be for you, too.

So let me kick off this series Healing Diastasis Recti: Activities of Daily Living with the thing we all do far too often…kitchen duty.  Here are two video that will help you mind your posture while getting those hands dirty, and those dishes clean.


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