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Butt on Fire

You are going to hate me so much.  This home workout takes a mere 15 minutes, but your thighs, butt and core are going to feel it.  I promise! Want a bigger, better, more toned booty…do this! I sometimes like to lift heavy (i.e. squats, front squats, deadlifts, etc.) and use this as my evil finisher.

I really enjoy this workout because all these exercises feel safe for my core, but I still get my heart rate up and fatigue my muscles.  It was hard taking it easy when I was trying to heal my diastasis recti.  I yearned for challenging exercises and once I regained some base strength, I enjoyed these in a twisted kind of way.


Equipment: washcloth and smooth floor, medicine ball, and your own heavy butt!

The Workout:  4 Rounds with as little rest as possible…

Sprinters Lunges, 5 each leg

IMG_2937 IMG_2980

Low lunge slides, 8 each side

IMG_3009 IMG_3044

Side lunge with slide, 8 each side

IMG_3049 IMG_3060 IMG_3088

Medicine Ball Overhead Iso Hold, 10 reps

IMG_3089 IMG_3099 IMG_3109

Medicine Ball Cleans, 10 reps

IMG_3129 IMG_3140

Medicine Ball Throws, 10 reps

IMG_3150  IMG_3174



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or physical therapist.  Be sure to check with a doctor before you begin any exercise routine.  By performing any exercise, you are performing them at your own risk. Get Mom Strong and its parent company N&P Billing, Inc. will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of the fitness instruction or other information shared on this site. Thank you for your understanding.

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