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3 Stability Ball Exercises for Flatter, Stronger Stomach

Crunches suck.  Don’t do them.  Even if you haven’t birthed a child and aren’t suffering from diastasis recti, they still suck.  You can get so much stronger by learning to use your transverse abdominis and doing exercises that work these deep muscles.  Your transverse abdominis is your corset-like abdominal muscle that is deep below those “six-pack” muscles called the rectus abdominis.  Activating these muscles is money!  It helps flatten your stomach and create a much stronger core.

These three moves are great for building that stronger, flatter and more toned core.  They work those deep abdominal muscles.  If you are newly postpartum or just starting to heal your core from diastasis recti, be sure you know how to engage your transverse abdominis (inner most abdominal muscles).  Check out these exercises to help you connect with your core.  Once you’ve got that down, and are ready for next-level core strength, check out these stomach-flattening exercise.



Stability Ball Plank with Knee Touch

IMG_3406 IMG_3415

Balanced Shoulder Raises

IMG_3422 IMG_3431

Hamstring Curls with Pause

IMG_3441 IMG_3451

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