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Squatting for a Stronger Core

I’ve already lectured you on the importance of having strong glutes.  I’ve given you a few exercise routines to get your bubble butt on…like this one and this one.  Today, I want to go over how to squat properly.  I want you to understand how it creates a stronger, flatter stomach.  I want you to notice that we squat all throughout the day (or should squat and not bend at the waist) and that is ever important to squat in a healthy manner that gives you a strong core and supported back.  So, yeah, squats will give you a nice ass, but they are important for your core strength, too, and your everyday health.  This is important for everyone, especially those with diastasis recti, but really, everyone should know how to properly use their abdomen when squatting.  It makes you stronger!  Check out this little tutorial.


Here are a few cues that helped me learn to engage my core when squatting.  Relax your core as you squat down, exhale and draw belly button in and up as you stand.  I like to think that I have a puppet string connected to my public bone at the bottom and someone is holding the string above my head.  When I am at the bottom of a squat, that string is relaxed.  As I stand, that string is being pulled taught.  It can also help to think that you are sucking a smoothie through a straw using your vagina as you stand.  Weird.  I know.  I don’t even remember where I heard this, but all be damned if it doesn’t help.  So there you have it.  You are a puppet who likes to drink smoothies from the wrong hole.

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