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Better than Box Jumps

Box jumps aren’t so great for us women.  The impact of jumping down from a box is tough on the joints and not so great on the pelvic floor.  It creates a lot of pressure and frankly, there are so many alternatives that get your heart rate revved and also work your glutes, legs and core.

After I had my twins, I seriously could not do a box jump–not if my life depended on it.  I remember heading out to my garage gym a few months after I birthed the boys.  I was going to hit that Crossfit workout where you box jump, wall ball and run.  But when I jumped, I literally got like six inches off the ground.  It was such a bizarre feeling.  At the time, I had no idea what was going on in my body. Turns out my severely compromised core, thanks to diastasis recti, was the culprit.  I had to work back up to it.  So instead of jumping, I did step-ups until I could properly jump.  I can jump quite high now…no troubles…but I know too much and now I rarely do box jumps (at least not in a metcon or high intensity fashion).  I found that I could get a great cardio, glute, and leg workout with the alternatives to box jumps demonstrated in this video.

This video teaches you how to use your transverse abdominis (inner most ab muscles) in these step-up variations.  Then, I provide you with a nice little HIIT workout to get you sweating and burning calories.  This workout is fantastic for toning your core and backside.




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