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Proatmeal–it’s what’s for breakfast!

This is my go-to pre-workout meal these days. Tons of protein and some slow-burning carbs to fuel my workout. I was pretty strict paleo for a lot of years, but I found that when I eat some solid carbohydrates before a workout, I have more stamina and can work out a little harder.

It is so important to get your fill of protein in the morning.  It keeps hunger at bay and prevents your blood sugar from getting out of whack, setting you up for a day of healthy eating.


1/2 cup gluten-free oats
1 cup water
1/2 cup egg whites
2 scoops Tara’s Vanilla Whey Protein
1/2 cup unsweetened Greek yogurt
Dash of salt
Smidgen of maple syrup


Cook the oats in the water. When just about done, add the half cup of egg whites and stir until incorporated. Turn off the heat, and add two scoops of protein powder. Place into bowl, and garnish with Greek yogurt and berries.

Proatmeal up close

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