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Total Body Bath Time Exercises

Some days don’t workout as planned.  My 7-year-old came down with a cold, and my twin toddlers dumped food all over themselves.  A bath was in order, and seemingly, it was my only opportunity to sneak in a quick 20-minute workout.  You take what you can get.  I worked up a good sweat, got the kids cleaned, and we all made the most of bath time.

As a bonus, socks on the tile floor make for perfect “sliders.” It really makes for a fun workout that challenges your transverse abdominis (those corset muscles that need tightening for a flat stomach) and your butt!

Try some of these fun bath-side exercises next time you give your little one a bath.  Obviously, watch your kids while they are in the bathtub.  All of the exercises I did were done while keeping a close watch on my two little dudes.


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