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Monday Move: Bird Dog

Did I mention that I am a creature who enjoys routine?  In addition to my Wednesday What’s the Word segment, where I throw down nutrition knowledge, I will also be doing a Monday Move.  The Monday Move will break down one exercise, giving you tips on form, common mistakes to avoid, and ways to modify.

It is important to know how to exercise with proper form and core engagement.  This is especially true if you have a compromised core from pregnancy or if you have a known diastasic recti (ab separation common after child bearing).

Good form minimizes injuries and ensures that you also are maximizing your effort in the gym by working the proper muscles.

My first Monday Move is the bird-dog.  This common yoga move is great for engaging the entire transverse abdominis (your corset-like muscles that get stretched from pregnancy).  It is also awesome for toning your butt and strengthening your lower back.

And because my toddler have decided they don’t “fink” they need to nap anymore, you will see them on the regular.

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