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5 Exercises for Stronger, More Shapely Butt

Don’t neglect your booty. I mean it.

About six months ago, I decided to dedicate one day of training each week to building my glutes.  I simply do a little accessory work at the end of my already scheduled leg day.  I love the results.  I feel stronger and faster all around…and I like the way my jeans fit, if you know what I’m saying.  Here is a favorite sequence.  Try it!

Yes, my head is cut off for some of this video, but listen, you can’t have it all when you are doing home workouts with kids.

  • 10 Squats (click link for a tutorial on how to properly protect your core with weighted squats). If you need a substitute for the weighted squats…do this instead.
  • 15 Hip Thrust with Hold
  • 20 Frog Pumps
  • 10 reps each leg, 1-legged Elevated Glute Bridge (You can use a couch or any elevated surface for this).
  • 20 reps, Elevated Glute Bridge

Aim for 4 Rounds!


Here are some more awesome butt workouts.

Butt on Fire

Love that Butt (at home glute workout)

10-minute Squat



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