Monday Move: Resistance Band Pull Apart

Do you own resistance bands yet? Single best piece of equipment for pregnant and postpartum women…and they are cheap.


Okay a few cues on this move.

  1. Stack your ribs with your pelvis.  Don’t flare your ribs out.  This is a very common mistake.  Most of us naturally flare our ribs out and arch lower back when we laterally extend our arms.
  2. Hold the resistance band about shoulder width.  You can hold it out wider for less resistance and closer for more.
  3. Inhale and fill belly with air.  Exhale and draw belly button to spine.  Here is a video to help you with your breath.
  4. Don’t forget your pelvic floor.  Focus on drawing in and up as you pull apart.

This exercise is great for diastasis recti.  It was one of my first rehab exercises and it continues to be a go-to.  This works your transverse abdominis, especially helping to tone the top of your tummy. It is also great for the shoulders.