Monday Move: Hanging Leg Stool Drop


MONDAY MOVE: Hanging Leg Stool Drops
I made that name up.  This exercise looks easy, but if you are doing it right, it is actually super challenging for your core and quads.  I used this as part of my ab rehab after pregnancy and was so surprised at how effective it was in connecting me with those inner most abs we lose touch with postpartum.
Here are some cues to remember:
keep torso upright when you drop foot. Don’t lean forward as gravity would like.
keep your ribs stacked over pelvis. Don’t flare out ribs and arch back for balance.
Inhale and fill belly with air. Exhale air and draw belly button in and up to engage core.
as you stand, pretend you have a puppet string connected to your pelvic floor. As the string is “pulled” your core is pulled taught and lifting you up to a straight and tall position. 

Easy home exercise. Put a step stool in the bathroom and do while you brush your teeth. Add it in as a warm up or a cool down around your workout.