Monday Move: Goblet Squat (And how to apply it to everyday life to improve core).

Each Monday I post an exercise how-to video.  If you have been following along for awhile, you already know this.  I want to share some of the method behind my madness here.  Why do I choose the exercises I choose? The exercises I teach are applicable in everyday life.  I teach functional movements and teach them with proper core and pelvic floor engagement.

I hate to break it to you, but your 30 or 60 minutes of movement in the gym is nothing compared to the amount of movement we experience in a day.  Think about it, we lift our babies off the ground.  We carry laundry down the hall.  We vacuum.  We push a stroller.  All of these everyday movements affect our core and pelvic floor health.  I want you to use your gym time to get stronger and fitter, so that those everyday movements aren’t a strain.  I want you to have a stronger core to not only feel confident in the way you look, but so that you don’t suffer from an abdominal separation, or pee when you sneeze…for the love of God!

Today’s exercise is a perfect example of a functional movement that can help in everyday life. How many times a day do you bend over to pick something up while holding a baby or small child?  A bazillion.  I know! Most of the time, we jut our hip out to hold baby and bend at the waist.  WRONG! Just like the goblet squat, keep your torso upright and baby at chest.  Bend at the knees and squat down.  Exhale and draw belly button to spine and pelvic floor up (like you are pulling a tampon further in) as you stand.  Incorporate the goblet squat in your exercise regime for stronger glutes, quads and core.  Practice your breath.  A little practice and I think you’ll find picking up that pacifier off the floor is a lot easier on your back.

One of my favorite goblet squat routines is as simple as this…

10 minutes on the clock:

Start with 10 goblet squats every minute on the minute, adding one additional rep every minute.