Monday Move: Pee Your Pants (or Don’t)

This exercise makes you look like a total weirdo, but it is worth it. I promise.

I tested this move out over the last couple of weeks. It is SO effective and has so many benefits. It really works the core, glutes and even strengthens your ankles, which is super important for runners and those in sports.

If you don’t have resistance bands yet, get some!  They are inexpensive, versatile, and great for home workouts or when traveling.

I like these:

And these:

A note on form:

Be sure that after you get in the set position–band around ankles, feet slightly wider than hips–you cue your breath. Inhale to fill belly with air (opposite of what we usually do!), exhale and draw belly button to spine and pelvic floor in and up.  Here’s the video how-to on using your breath with your core…this is the basis of a strong, flat stomach and healthy pelvic floor. The Fitness Doula coined this as the dynamic kegel.  I told her I was adopting that term, too.  I just wrote a post on stress incontinence and how kegels aren’t usually the answer.  But the dynamic kegel, now we’re talking.  By using your transverse abdominis (those inner-most abs) alongside your pelvic floor, you will strengthen your entire core.

As always, I’m here for questions!