My Top 5 Mom Bod Pants

I’m all about that body positivity. Our mom bods are freaking miraculous  life-giving, strong as hell, forceful, ever-powerful creations. As a result of this epic awesomeness, stuff stretched.  A lot.  It shifted.  It came in direct contact with the gravitational pull of the the universe.  Our bodies are different, and that is absolutely to be celebrated.   But can we also get a “hell-yeah” for a nice pair of pants that holds it all in without making us look like a sausage in casing?  Am I right?

I have twin skin for days, a FUPA (Fierce Unstoppable Pooch of Awesomeness) from my c-sections, and I struggle with diastasis recti, an abdominal separation that is not so lovingly coined the “mommy tummy” because you look pregnant long after the baby arrives.  Needless to say, a supportive pair of athletic tights is a must-have in my world.


Here are my favorite tights for my mom-bod.  I would LOVE to know what your favorite athletic wardrobe staples are?  What can’t you live without?

Before I throw down my top five from my closet, here is an important note on the photo shoot.  I tried to mimic the Victoria Secret photo shoots on the white sandy beaches, only my photoshoot included bikes, cars, kids and frizzy-ass hair.  I didn’t have time to take a bunch of selfies, people.  I have five kids, and toddlers with some bad attitudes right now. Three years old is no joke times two!  While these aren’t the best photos, I hope you’ll enjoy my honest, unbiased overview of these pants.

Top 5 Favorite FUPA-fighting pants hanging in my closet.

5. Old Navy Go-Dry Crops

Pros:  They are super durable and a really comfortable cotton material, so you don’t have to worry about snagging them or piling.  Also, these were like $20 on sale.  The high waist is comfortable, and not too tight.

Cons:  You really can’t beat the price, but they don’t have as much support as some of my other go-to exercise pants. Also, they are just okay in accentuating the butt.

4. Lorna Jane Black Jada Core Stability Crop Leggings

What I like: These have a nice supportive feel.  I probably could have gone with a medium instead of a size small.  (I’m 5’4 and 135 pounds for reference). They feel durable and you sweating in them is no big deal since the fabric is cool. This is the only pair of LJ pants I’ve tried.  I’m excited to try more down the road, because I love their tops.

Cons: Probably a result of online shopping, but the compression feels a little tight. I got these on sale on Zulily for $50.  I’m cheap like that. Their new stuff is typically closer to $75-$100, but they have a lot of options in the sale section.


3. Lululemon Zone In Crop

Pros: It kinda feels like being naked.  The material is super soft and the pretty much non-existent seams are very flattering. They hold where they need to hold and don’t where they don’t.

Cons: I feel super sexy in these, but they simply aren’t durable enough to be a top choice for a mom.  They snagged badly when a diaper tab stuck to them.  They also didn’t survive rope climbs.  I suppose feeling almost naked in tights comes at a cost, and in this case–it is durability.  And, well, literally, they cost. They can be pricey, but again, I’m cheap.  I got these from the “We Made Too Much” section for $40, but they typically cost $100+.


2. Girlfriend’s Collective

Pros: Where do I start? I love these pants! They are made from freaking water bottles.  How cool is that? They are soft as hell, yet amazingly durable.  The seams have a v-shape on the butt, which gives a great shape to your backside. And, I got them for $19.99–just the price of shipping for this start-up company. Seriously, pant heaven up in here!

Cons:  Because they are a new company, they only have one style, color and fit.  I really hope they expand.  They would perhaps even become my very first choice.

  1. Nike Power Legendary High Rise Training Capri Black/Black Women’s Capri

Pros: The first time I wore these my best friend came over, and was like, “Dawg, your butt is amaze-balls in those pants. It’s kind of obnoxious.”  They are so flattering and comfy.  Win-win. They have that v-cut seam that does a booty good.  These Nike Legendary pants offer such good support on your mid-section…the perfect blend of support, but also forgiveness if you decide to eat a burrito.  They are moderately priced, and you can often find them on sale somewhere.  Super durable.  They don’t roll down too much. Typically can find them priced between $50-$100.

Cons: Man, I really can’t think of a con other than they can be pricey.  But it really feels worth it.

Here are few I own and love:



Alright, share the love…what are your favorites?  Any ideas on FUPA-friendly tops?