Monday Move: Shoulder Press

The shoulder press was so difficult for me for quite some time postpartum.  My weakened core from diastasis recti made it difficult to press the weight overhead with good form.  Check out this video to learn proper form, ways to modify, and a nice drill to practice your core engagement as you press overhead.  If you lift weight with an arched back your stomach will dome and you won’t strengthen your core.  A weak core sucks for so many reasons.

Form cues for the shoulder press:

  • Pick a weight that you can do without compromising form (i.e. arching back).
  • Think about keeping your ribs stacked over your hips–straight line.
  • Inhale and fill belly with air, exhale and draw belly button to spine and pelvic floor in and up as you push weight overhead.
  • If you need more support, place one foot in front of the other to shift center of gravity and alleviate pressure on core.