Total Body Circuit with Arm Focus


Resistance bands and dumbbells are all you need for this home workout circuit. This workout focuses on toning arms, but works the entire body.  Movements are safe for diastasis recti, the “mommy tummy” caused by abdominal separation common in pregnancy.

If you have pelvic floor issues (it is not normal to pee yourself in exercise–common, yes…normal, no), sub high knees for controlled leg raises.

I don’t typically workout without my shirt since having my twins.  I have loads of skin and have been working on the self-love bit.  This is a video for one of my nutrition clients who is also looking for a fitness boost.  We are working on her breath and body connection, so I wanted her to see how my abdominals contract as I use my breath and engage my inner most abdominals–the transverse abdominis.  I also left the sound on so my breath could be heard (and my loud ass kids–you’re welcome).

Proper core engagement is an entire body movement.  The most common mistake I see when trying to teach proper breath and core connection is that people “flex” their abs or bare down.  It is not a flex or a strain, but rather an “in and up.” Watch this video if you need help. You should practice this move everyday regardless!

Total Body with Arm Focus
Band Pull Apart (20 reps)
High Knees (30 seconds)
Upright Rows(20 reps)
Elevated Burpee (30 seconds)
Alternating Front Raises (20 reps)
Lateral Raises (20 reps)
Squat Hold (30 seconds)
Repeat 3 times through, or as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  Push yourself.  It is only 20 minutes.  It SHOULD be challenging.
Here are the bands I use: