MONDAY MOVE: Farmer’s Carry (a.k.a. The Mama Carry)

The farmer’s carry, or as I call it–the mama carry– is seriously the most practical and real life functional exercise you can do.  Think about it, moms.  How often are you carrying a car seat, a kid, a diaper bag, a laundry hamper–or all of them simultaneously like a circus freak? Often.  Maybe always.

Train the farmer’s carry in the gym to improve you strength and function in daily life. Fitness is not for looking banging in a swim suit–albeit a nice side effect.  It is for living your life.  Practice movements that enhance your quality of living and give you the energy you need to not just function…but thrive.

Too often, people get caught up on fancy, complicated exercises.  I see it on social media ALL the time.  I’m like–what the hell is that woman doing? It is all gimmick. You really don’t need much to get fit except grit.  That’s the answer no one wants to hear, but it is reality.

The farmer’s carry will test your grit–bigly.

Watch this video to learn proper form and mechanics, plus three variations.  The farmers carry will improve your core, your arms, legs, and your life. Do it a few times a week.  It is the perfect finisher after any workout.