Reconnecting with your core postpartum

Here are four great exercises to begin reconnecting with your core postpartum, and/or to work toward healing your diastasis recti.
Be sure to get the green light from your doctor before exercising!

Move slowly through the movement
Stay flush to ground (no tipping ribs and arching low back when on your back)

Use your breath and engage core before moving

Go easy on yourself. You may be surprised at how little connection you have with your core at the start.

Practice frequently.

Kiss your baby and thank your body for being a bad-ass life-creator

I have to use this as a moment to remind you all not to be so damn anxious to get back at it in the gym. I, no doubt, rushed my body and paid the price. Take the first few weeks to bond with baby, nurse, get the hang of motherhood, etc. If you are really antsy to get moving, go for a slow walk around the neighborhood, and practice using your breath with your core like I showed you a couple days ago. (Of course check with doctor first!)