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Squat Form, Breathing Technique, and Drills to Improve

Squatting is one of the most natural and yet the most complicated exercises. It doesn’t matter if you are squatting to pick something off the floor, or moving hundreds of pounds while weight lifting–form and breath/core connection are integral in keeping you safe and strong. This video also talks about how to protect your pelvic floor and utilize your breath.

A few excellent points of reference when looking to harness your breath while squatting…The Squat Fix: Core Stability and Proper Breathing by Squat University, and this article on breath holding by Julie Wiebe, a renowned physical therapist who works a lot with female athletes.  Both give a great explanation of why a heavy loaded squat requires some breath holding.

So many people experience knee pain, low back pain, and poor stability in the squat. I’m hoping to troubleshoot many of these points of trouble, and provided you with some solid insight on squatting safely and effectively. I’m always here to answer questions.


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  1. Cortney says: Reply

    When I do a squat, I engage my core, however, as I’m lowering down my stomach sticks out. Not a dome, it just kinda hangs out (I look pregnant). I touch it and it’s hard but it’s not as flat as when I’m standing. I have DR so it’s never flat. My question is, is this normal or am I doing something incorrectly?

    1. Is there any way you could take a video of the movement and email it to me? [email protected]. Also, are you seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist?

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