Is it safe for my diastasis recti/core/pelvic floor?

“Is IT safe for my core/diastasis recti/pelvic floor?” I get asked this often. The general rule of thumb I have lived by since my twin boys came along and I did a crap-ton of physical therapy is, “Can I do IT without symptoms?” What do I mean by “symptoms.” I mean any time your form deteriorates, or anytime you see the telltale doming from diastasis recti, feel that trickle from stress urinary incontinence, or pressure from pelvic pain.. or really any pain anywhere.

I rarely do muscle ups anymore and pretty much never kip on a pull up now. It is one of the few motions in which I really can’t maintain core integrity. But the other day the rings were just calling me. I wanted to see if I still could do it. The video kept me honest. Damn it. Can you see the doming as I come down from the top position? Use a mirror or video camera for a core check. You can’t always simply feel it.

So, yeah, I CAN do this exercise. But I CAN’T do it with core integrity. See the difference? Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Check those egos and listen to your body. That damn thing is smarter than we want it to be and never lies.