Monday Move: Lateral Dumbbell Raises

This lateral dumbbell raise is such a great exercise to safely build strong, sexy shoulders. The lateral raise is primarily conducted by activating the lateral deltoids, located on the side of the shoulder.

The lateral raise targets one of the weaker parts of your shoulder, while also improving your stabilizing muscles and protecting your rotator cuff. Strong shoulders will make you stronger and less likely to provoke an injury within every lift.

Let’s talk about common pitfalls in form when performing this lift.
1) standing too straight and elbows too straight!
2) going too heavy and moving your torso.
3) not utilizing your core by exhaling upon lifting.
4) lifting your arms above parallel.

So what TO DO…
1) Slight bend in knee, torso slightly bent over knees.
2) Slight bend in elbow.
3) Exhale and tighten core as you lift.
4) Stop at parallel.
5) Choose a weight that is realistic.(Probably lighter than you think).