The Shake-Up: Dr. Kelly


Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux wears many hats–both literally and figuratively.  She balances a dental practice, the challenges of raising four kids, and in her spare time (laugh), she is helping inspire and educate women in the postpartum fitness arena. Her smile is perfect–duh, her cool hats are her hallmark, and her messaging to her followers is one of both self-acceptance with a side of, “It is okay to be a mom and want to feel sexy.”

Her own journey, like so many women shaking up postnatal health and the standard of care, came at the hands of her own helpless experience.

After four kids in five years, Kelly wanted to prove to herself that she could be fit and feel sexy again, so she embarked on a training program to prepare her for her first figure competition.  She lost 48 pounds, but no matter how hard she trained, she couldn’t lose “that pooch.”

“I was training ‘abs’  all the time.  The stuff I was doing…ugh, now I cringe. It didn’t matter how much I trained my abs, I couldn’t get my stomach flat.  It was frustrating to work so hard and still not feel strong and confident,” she said.

And she may have trained that way indefinitely.  It wasn’t until many months after her fourth baby when she felt severe shooting pain down her legs.  She called her obstetrician who didn’t have many answers, but luckily a friend who is a colorectal surgeon quickly noticed her substantial hernia and diastasis recti, an abdominal separation remarkably common after pregnancy, but seldom addressed.

“I just couldn’t understand why no one told me about this.  No trainer. No doctor. No one.  Once I started looking into the condition and better understood it,  I wanted to help every woman know and understand how to train their abs in a safe and effective way. I wanted to make a difference.”

Frustrated by the lack of information available for moms seeking to get back into fitness, she worked alongside a pelvic floor physical therapist and created Abs After Babies, and launched an Instagram account to inspire women in their health and fitness journey.

Kelly posts helpful and inspiring videos encouraging the love of fitness from the perspective of a busy, working mom.

“Sure, sometimes I’m super stressed.  But I know if I don’t take care of myself I’m not going to be good for anyone,” Kelly said. “Somethings always got to give. I just do my best to make sure it is my laundry and not my health.”

You can find Kelly at @Drkellyfitmomof4,


Note: I have not personally seen or reviewed the Abs After Babies program, but greatly enjoy her Instagram account!