Exhale when you lift!!

Exhale when you lift stuff.

Why? So happy you asked!! Your diaphragm and your pelvic floor work together…quite literally.  When you inhale your pelvic floor goes down.  When you exhale your pelvic floor lifts up.  Check out this helpful visual from Burell Education.

Image from Burrell Education

Now think about that. You want your pelvic floor up and on board when you lift.

I’m not talking max lifts or PRs.  That may take a different strategy.  I’m talking about moderate to light loads in the gym, and daily activities like lifting kids, heavy ass Costco boxes, strollers, car seats and all the other tasks motherhood beckons.

The power of the breath is huge! Lean how to use it in your favor.  Think EXHALE on EXERTION. It should be your mantra!  This will help balance intra-abdominal pressure, and prevent worsening diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues like peeing when you lift.