5 Tips for Making Healthy Foods…Yummier! (And food blogs I LOVE)

Healthy food doesn’t need to taste like ass! We tend to use the terms “diet” and “healthy eating” interchangeably. No!!! A diet is where you restrict. You punish. You SUBMIT.

Healthy eating, on the other hand, is about choosing foods that most optimally nourish your body and soul. You are the EMPOWERED. You hold the reins.

And guess what? Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland steamed broccoli, kale that tastes like hay, or muffins that might as well be cardboard. Forget that. That is no way to live. Make nourishing food to feed your soul. Otherwise you are just on a diet and that isn’t sustainable. I mean, really, how long are you going to eat strictly celery, cucumbers, and cottage cheese before you stumble into the kitchen to take a bite of cake (just one bite because you’ve been “so good”) and instead find yourself elbow deep in that double chocolate cake.   Stop the cycle and start making your nourishing food yummy and fulfilling. Ditch the thought that healthy=bland and that bland=healthy.

Here are my five tips for making healthy foods full of more yum!

  1. Season it! 


Find a delicious seasoning rub for your meat.  Splurge and buy quality sea salt.  Add some fresh herbs. You can make a boring piece of chicken taste amazing simply by adding some seasoning.  Bland white fish on the menu? Squeeze some fresh lemon juice and sprinkle with parsley and garlic.



2. Roast your veggies.

Tired of salad.  I don’t blame you.  I’m not sure why salad has become the poster child for healthy eating.  While salad can be super versatile and yummy, it can still get old.  Mix it up. Get your veggies in by roasting them.  It is SO simple and SO delicious.  Heat the oven to 400 degrees.  Chop veggies of your choice (anything goes!), drizzle with olive oil, some salt and pepper and roast for about 25 minutes.  My personal favorites are broccoli, onions, whole garlic cloves and bell pepper.



3. Try something new each week.

We tend to get stuck in the same old food routines.  Set a goal of cooking one new meal or side dish each week.  Scour the Pinterest boards, food blogs, or ask friends for recommendations. I give you the added challenge of cooking with one new produce item.  Yeah…try that golden beet that looks so intimidating.  You might find some new, healthy go-to meals.  Some of my favorite food blogs are:

Try one of these vegetable side dishes from Damn Delicious.

A Pinch of Yum


Naturally Ella

Nom Nom Paleo 


4. Add sauce!



Pesto, marinara, aioli dip…yes, yes and yes!  Brussel sprouts are okay.  But brussel sprouts with garlic-lemon aioli sauces…amazing!!!! Chicken breast night again? Make a quick and easy pesto to drizzle on top. A simple sauce can add so much flavor and variety without much effort.  Another tip is to make the sauce in bulk so you have it to use throughout the week



Here are two of my favorite sauce recipes:


Marinara (I use honey instead of sugar to sweeten)

5. Eat dessert.

Dessert should be a part of healthy eating.  If you consistently deny yourself sweets, you will end up on a binder at some point.  Make some healthy, wholesome desserts that hit the sweet spot without sending you into sugar overload.

Workout Brownies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

And I always love options from the Minimalist Baker, and Chocolate Covered Katie.