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Welcome Happy Healthy Mom Summit Participants! Free 1.5 hour Nutrition + Movement Coaching Session.

Hey there, mama!  So happy we found each other!

If you are interested in free nutrition consultation, please send me an email ([email protected]) to schedule an appointment, and fill out the health history form.

Nourishing your body is a challenge, especially as a busy mother.  This individualized session will help you start to learn to better nourish and move your body without dieting!  Learn practicable and totally DOABLE ways to fuel your body, “food prep,” and keep your body energized.

Confused about how to rebuild your core strength postpartum? Do you have questions about diastasis recti? Not sure of where to start in the fitness world after having a baby? Let’s talk about that, too.

Healing your body takes a total mind and body approach.

Let’s do this!