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Total body strength, conditioning, and core program to strengthen your body from the inside…out!


Power Pregnancy

Strength and conditioning specifically designed for each step of pregnancy. Maintain and train safely with special attention to your pelvic floor in preparation for birth and recovery.



Stand-alone foundational program designed to re-establish mind-muscle connection and begin healing your core and pelvic floor.
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What people say about My Programs

I’ve done lots of workout programs, followed lots of trainers, and NEVER understood what they meant by “tummy in” until AFTER I did Core Basics–I 100% was NOT using my core properly until after that! THANK YOU x100000 for the explanation and giving me the tools for the groundwork.


Danie Tobey

NON-SCALE VICTORY!!  I am 12 months postpartum with my second baby and wanted to take my 3-year-old to the trampoline park for some one-on-one time. I jumped and ran with my son for 2 HOURS STRAIGHT, and didn’t pee myself of leak even once! Ever since the birth of my first, I struggled with incontinence until working through the SLAM program. I never thought I would be able to jump or run with my kids again.  I hope this is encouragement to someone!


Allison Taylor

Just finished week 13 of SLAM and recently realized that my back doesn’t hurt when I wake up in the morning. For years I had daily low back pain and thought maybe I needed a different mattress. NOPE! I just needed a strong ass core! Thank you Ashley. Talk about an amazing NSV! Plus, my knee pain is getting so much better and my pants are getting too tight because my booty muscles are getting big!!!


Jennine Marie


I cannot even believe the changes that have been happening in my body!!! My belly is actually looking flat!!! What I really did not believe that was even going to be a possibility again. Not to mention how freaking buff I’m getting. My separation has been stuck at 2.5 fingers (after going from 4+) for awhile and everyone told me it would most likely stay that way. Well I just measured and it is slightly wider than one finger!! Thank you for showing me how freaking bad ass I can be!!



I’m near the end of week 4 of SLAM and today I went running and I was able to go super fast AND I FELT MY ABS TURN ON for the first time since having my 6-year-old. This was just so so big for me. My back could relax and my abs help carry my body and I felt incredible. Thank you for helping me get truly strong!! And this is just the beginning.



I just have to say thank you!! I am a nurse and work 12-hour shifts and since doing Core Basics, I’ve had so much less back pain! I’m 4 months postpartum now and initially I felt like my spine wasn’t anchored by anything and now I feel SO much better.


I’ll try to make a long story short. I was at my knee doctor today tending to an old injury and we were discussing my current workouts.  I started by saying that it may sound odd, but I’ve been following this badass chick that has a program that focuses on the deep core needs and strength building for postpartum women…and it kicks my butt!! I told him a little about the exercises and he seemed really interested in your name and the name of the program. Anyway–he had heard of you!! He used to be a Crossfit coach and some of the ladies needed a better option after they had their babies and while doing some research–he found YOU! He was so impressed with your approach–as he should be. I’ve been in the fitness world for over 15 years and there are so many options out there..but I’ve never found anything quite as awesome as what you’ve built.


I gave birth in the early hours of this morning! I had a very quick 4-hour labour and only did 4 pushes to get the baby out. My husband said it was the strongest he has ever seen me. I was physically strong enough to stand upright for the whole of my labour until it came to pushing. The baby became distressed so I needed to get her out quite quickly. Four pushes, less than two minutes, and she was earth-side!  The midwife was so impressed with my functional pushing technique using my TVA’s, and it felt so good to be able to use my whole core strength to push. I felt in total control, unlike my three previous labour where I was pushing for what felt like hours. Thank you!

Karen Waterson

Your breathing tips/techniques from Core Basics and these videos have helped me with so many things. I have eased my asthma symptoms multiple times using these tips and have even gotten my bloating from foods to let up. Amazing! Loving SLAM too. Thank you for all this and for being you.

Dani Kling

I truly love SLAM Bridge. It’s the first program I have done in YEARS that I feel I could follow without being discouraged. Even when I take breaks and jump back in, I can tell I’m building and maintaining strength in the short time frame that’s doable in my schedule.


Katrinka Swenson

You do such an amazing job of saying we are worth getting stronger and feeling better at anytime. This helped me so much!! I was super athletic prior to babies and after my third, I went the longest ever not working out because I was OVERWHELMED with life. But I feel like this program fits better than anything. I love it!I notice a difference with my back pain, and my mental strength. I’m not feeding my body the lies that come from “targeting problem areas.” You literally have changed by life for the better.


Katie Schilling

Real Women Real Results


Conquering Diastasis Recti 


The non-scale victories I soon saw: clothes began to fit more comfortably. I could sleep through the night without having to get up to pee every hour. I wasn’t in pain anymore! After that first month, I told myself “You’re worth it,” and signed up for a year! Now, my son feels lighter when I carry him. I am mentally and emotionally stronger.

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Improved Prolapse and Diastasis Recti


Before starting SLAM, I had significant symptoms because I have a level 2 bladder, uterine, and rectal prolapse. I also had a very weak linea alba (disastsis recti). I have 6 years of Crossfit experience and not one time was I taught how to properly engage my core or protect my pelvic floor.  I had so much leaking, back pain, problems going to the bathroom, and was planning surgery for a hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair. After SLAM, not only do I not leak anymore, I have no back pain, and going to the bathroom is so much easier that I don’t plan to move forward with surgery. I just don’t need it anymore.

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