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  • Fitness
  • Monday Move: Skater Squat

    The Skater Squat! What’s not to love about this bodyweight (or low-equipment) exercise? Somewhat of the sister of the pistol squat, this body weight movement tests lower body and core strength as well as balance and mobility.  It works your glutes, quads and core in beautiful unison. Why the skater squat rocks:  Unilateral: This means you […]

  • Diastasis Recti
  • Monday Move: Band Pull Apart

    This exercise gets a lot of credit for its benefits working the upper back and shoulder, but let’s not forget how effective it is at working the transverse abdominis–those inner most “corset-like” abs. A few things to remember on this exercise. You can adjust the resistance with the band you chose and/or where you hold […]