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  • Diastasis Recti
  • Monday Move: Wall Plank

    I get asked with great frequency if planks are safe postpartum, while pregnant and/or with diastasis recti.  My answer is annoyingly vague.  Watch this to understand why.  If you can do a plank and maintain that tensile strength throughout the movement, then plank away.  However, if you are newly postpartum, pregnant and/or have diastasis recti, […]

  • Fitness
  • My Top 5 Mom Bod Pants

    I’m all about that body positivity. Our mom bods are freaking miraculous  life-giving, strong as hell, forceful, ever-powerful creations. As a result of this epic awesomeness, stuff stretched.  A lot.  It shifted.  It came in direct contact with the gravitational pull of the the universe.  Our bodies are different, and that is absolutely to be celebrated.   […]