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  • 10 Must-Haves for Your Home Gym

    In 2012, I was the only Crossfit competitor at regionals who didn’t have a gym affiliation.  When I was called to the floor, the announcer, very confused, called out,  “Ashley Nowe, Unattaché .” He was utterly baffled and botched the pronunciation of both my name (everyone does that!) and the word “unattached.”    I think he thought […]

  • Fitness
  • 10-minute Squat

    Last week I showed you how to properly do a squat that engages your transverse abdominals.  Core engagement is important in any exercise, but particularly important when you squat!  Be sure to check it out. Moving on…this 10-minute squat challenge is great for simultaneously building cardio endurance and muscle.  It works as a stand alone […]