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I’m Ashley, a mama of three, step-mom of two, and pregnancy and postpartum exercise specialist.

After birthing three children (including a set of giant twins), I didn't recognize my body.  The twins shook my foundation, taking such a toll on my body, and my sense of self.  I struggle(d) with diastasis recti—a "separation" of the abdominal wall—but have worked hard to learn to love my stomach again in its new form and reconnect with my core. This journey set me on a mission to educate other women and to help them take back pregnancy and postpartum! Whether you are a mom to a newborn or a grown kid, it is never too late to improve your core and pelvic floor and live a life full of function and vitality.

My mission is to help moms regain their strength, health and confidence.

Let’s get real, it isn't easy to prioritize yourself after you become a mother.  You are too busy loving everyone else.  It is hard to make healthy eating choices when you are exhausted, and it is even harder to find motivation to exercise.  The truth of the matter is, prioritizing your health IS taking care of your family. That's where I step in. My programs give you the tools to heal, harness your inner mama strength, and simplify nourishing yourself.

Qualifications include:  Certified Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, coursework from renowned women's health physical therapist Julie Weibe--Piston Breathing and The Female Athlete: Ready for Impact. Certified Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Motherhood makes us stronger than we ever thought possible. 

Harness your strength. Prioritize you.  After all, a lot of people depend on you!

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