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SLAM Pregnancy is tailored to each week of pregnancy. You start off with SLAM Pregnancy Core Basics, which teaches you how to engage your core muscles. Then, you move through exercises designed for each week – with options to choose between 20 minute modified and 30-40 minute challenging workouts. Plus weekly health tips from a variety of birth workers to help prepare you physically and mentally, AND a fourth trimester section to help you navigate the important early healing phase of motherhood.

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What To Expect:


Specialized Workouts Per Week


Health Tip Per Week


Specialist Contributors

Perfect for:

  • Moms who are looking for a safe, but challenging fitness program tailored to each week of pregnancy
  • Women who want to minimize diastasis recti, prolapse and incontinence during their pregnancy (yes, you can be proactive)
  • Women who have experienced back and/or pelvic girdle pain, and want to strengthen the proper muscles to help ease aches and pains
  • Expecting moms who want to prepare their body for pregnancy, delivery, and a better recovery

SLAM Pregnancy Contributors

Ashurina Ream

Clinical Psychologist

Jennifer McGowan

Pelvic Floor PT
Hehe Stewart

Certified Doula

Jeanice Mitchell

Pelvic Floor PT

Georgia Ragonetti-Zebell

OB/GYN & Clinical Assistant Professor

Janette Yee


Janelle Howell

Pelvic Floor PT

Jennifer Morgan

Pelvic Floor PT

Sabrina Barber


Pregnancy Core Basics

Pregnancy Core Basics lays the foundation for strengthening your core throughout pregnancy. You’ll learn how to properly engage your core muscles, activate and relax your pelvic floor and more - lessons that can help you during labor, and postpartum if you are faced with diastasis recti, prolapse, leaking, painful sex or back pain. It is THAT powerful. These 15-minute long foundational workouts will literally change your life. Is it boring stuff? Yes. But is it also the most important stuff you’ll ever learn? Also yes. You deserve to know how to use your body. Core Basics helps you learn.

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Required Equipment

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Exercise Ball
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Pilates Ball
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Resistance Band Mini Loops
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Resistance Band Long Loops
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Medium Dumbbells
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Light Dumbbells
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Resistance Band Door Anchor
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Heavy Dumbbells (Optional)
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Kettlebell (Optional)
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Weight Bench (Optional)
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Stepper (Optional)
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Kettle Gryp (Optional)
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Sliders (Optional)
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SLAM Pregnancy FAQs

Do I start the program from the beginning or go to my week of pregnancy?

Everyone must complete Core Basics. If you have already completed it within the SLAM programming, you can skip the Pregnancy Edition. After Core Basics is completed, head to your current week of pregnancy. Workouts are specifically tailored to each week of pregnancy. The onboarding due date calendar will automatically track your due date and update your dashboard to the appropriate week.

Can I start this program later in pregnancy?

Yes! Everyone can benefit from Pregnancy Core Basics and there are modifications for later in pregnancy. If you haven’t been active prior, ask your practitioner if it is safe for you to start an exercise routine, and start slow by modifying the program to your abilities. The health tips will also help you tremendously no matter your week of pregnancy.

Can I start this program if I wasn’t active prior to pregnancy?

The health tips and Pregnancy Core Basics are excellent for all fitness levels. Be sure to ask your medical professional if starting a new exercise program is safe for you. Each day, you’ll get to choose between a modified, 20-minute workout, or a more challenging 30-40 minute workout. The weekly health tips are great for everyone regardless of fitness experience.

How many workouts are there?

The program starts at week 8 and goes through week 40. Each day you will be given two options: a 20-minute modified workout or a 30-40 minute challenging workout. Each week you receive 3 workouts and a health tip.

What types of health tips are provided?

Contributors include a variety of pelvic floor physical therapists, a doula, OB/GYN, lactation consultant and more. Tips range from what to expect at your prenatal appointments and potty posture to birthing tips and recovery strategies. Utilize the searchable health tip library to easily find information you need.

Will this program help with diastasis recti and/or prolapse?

Every woman will experience diastasis recti to some degree. We can still absolutely be active in trying to mitigate the extent of the diastasis recti and also lay the groundwork for better postpartum healing.

This program very much takes into consideration diastasis recti and prolapse considerations. How you perform an exercise is what determines if it is “safe” or “not safe.” The program walks you through the foundational skills to increase safety during Pregnancy Core Basics. And, with each movement, you are coached on how to protect your core and pelvic floor.

Is it safe with SPD/pelvic girdle pain?

Yes, the program is very mindful of pelvic pain. Most movements are bilateral (both legs), and a great deal of focus is placed on strengthening the stabilizer muscles such as the deep core, pelvic floor, inner thighs and glutes. As always, modify as needed. Be sure to check out the health tip on SPD.

When should I switch from SLAM workouts to SLAM Pregnancy?

It is really up to you! The SLAM Pregnancy workouts begin at week 8 of pregnancy. The beauty of having all the programs in one spot is that you can pick and choose based on how you are feeling!

Is SLAM Pregnancy included with my current SLAM subscription?

Yes! One membership gets you access to the whole continuum of care: Core Basics, SLAM Bridge, SLAM30, SLAM45, SLAM Advanced, SLAM Pregnancy, SLAM Core, SLAM Stretch, and the nutrition guide.

Is there a private Facebook group just for SLAM Pregnancy?

You’ll join the main SLAM page: Use #slampregnancy when posting so that others can search for your post and connect.

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