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Whether you are pregnant, newly postpartum, or an advanced athlete, we have challenges that work for you. We have new ones coming out a few times a year, so check back frequently.

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Challenges are Perfect for:

  • Women who want to get back into a workout routine and have completed Core Basics
  • Building sustainable habits that boost your confidence
  • Women at all stages – all challenges have modifications as well as pregnancy modifications
  • Postpartum moms who want a quick workout and want to start building in time for themselves

What To Expect:


Minutes A Day


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SLAM Challenges FAQs

What are SLAM Challenges?

SLAM Challenges are short, 10-15 day workout programs meant to help kickstart – or restart – your fitness journey. Typically 10-20 minute, follow-along workouts, challenges are available in the app and on the web.

Can I start this program during pregnancy?

Yes! All SLAM challenges have pregnancy modification options.

Can I do the challenges any time?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but in general…yes. SLAM workouts are designed with the “mom core” in mind. That said, everyone is individual and their healing is, too. Watch for warning signs that your body isn’t managing the workload and always modify as needed. Doming from your abs, feelings of pain or pulling or a heaviness in the vagina, and/or fecal or urinary leaking are all signs your body isn’t ready for that particular movement…yet!

What equipment do I need?

Every challenge is different! Some are bodyweight only, some include dumbbells and bands. Check out the challenge you’re interested in for more information.

How long are challenges available for?

While challenges often have “launch dates,” they remain available for all SLAM users to access at any time. You can repeat challenges or go at your own pace.

How long are the workouts?

Each challenge is different, but in general challenge workouts are 10-15 minutes.

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