Start Healing Postpartum

SLAM Bridge is intended to “bridge the gap” between Core Basics and the more intense SLAM programs. The program focuses on rebuilding your strength and stamina through a mix of strength and cardio intervals. Workouts are 30-minutes long, and are absolutely beneficial and mindful of the core and pelvic floor. While the program is total-body, it gives special attention to all those often overlooked postpartum body needs.

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What To Expect:


Weeks To Complete


Minute Long Workouts


(+1 Rest Day) Repeat!

Perfect for:

  • Easing into a workout routine and rebuilding strength
  • Women who haven’t been to the gym in a while
  • Newly postpartum moms easing back into things mindfully
  • People looking for a quick and effective workout to fit in their busy day

Required Equipment

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Exercise Ball
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Pilates Ball
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Resistance Band Mini Loops
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Resistance Band Long Loops
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Medium Dumbbells
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Light Dumbbells
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Resistance Band Door Anchor
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Heavy Dumbbells (Optional)
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Kettlebell (Optional)
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Weight Bench (Optional)
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Stepper (Optional)
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Kettle Gryp (Optional)
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Sliders (Optional)
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SLAM Bridge FAQs

What is the goal of this program?

The goal of SLAM Bridge is to “bridge the gap” between Core Basics and the more intense SLAM30 and SLAM45 programs. SLAM Bridge focuses on rebuilding and strengthening your body with 30-minute total-body workouts that blend strength and cardio. You will use the skills learned in Core Basics, and will apply this breath and core/pelvic floor work to some fun and sweat-inducing total-body workouts.

How do I know I’m ready for SLAM Bridge?

If you have completed all six levels of Core Basics and feel confident in the skills gained during that self-paced program, you are likely ready. Remember to listen and respect your body. Think of all workouts as a template. You can always modify as needed.

Are these workouts safe for diastasis recti and/or prolapse?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but in general…yes. SLAM Bridge workouts are designed with the “mom core” in mind. That said, everyone is individual and their healing is, too. Watch for warning signs that your body isn’t managing the workload and always modify as needed. Doming from your abs, feelings of pain or pulling or a heaviness in the vagina, and/or fecal or urinary leaking are all signs your body isn’t ready for that particular movement…yet!

Is this program safe for pregnancy?

It is generally safe for pregnancy if you have a doctor’s clearance to exercise. However, you might want to check out SLAM Pregnancy. This program is tailored to each week of pregnancy, bringing you customized workouts, plus a variety of health tips from a variety of pelvic floor physical therapists, an OB/GYN, doula, and other birth professionals.

Is this program safe while breastfeeding?

Yes. There are a couple important things to keep in mind.

1) Your body is still producing relaxin, a hormone that increases ligament laxity and can make you more prone to injury. Be extra cautious and mindful as you work through the program.

2) You need to ensure that you are getting adequate nutrition so that it does not affect your milk supply. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of whole foods. Final note–you may notice more changes in your healing within a few months of weaning when your hormones regulate again. That said, enjoy this special time. It goes quickly in the grand scheme.

How many days a week do we workout?

SLAM Bridge is a 2 days of work, 1 day of rest cycle. Be sure to check in even on rest days. The programmed rest days give you tips on activities of daily living, nutrition, and mindset!

How long are the workouts?

SLAM Bridge packs it in and makes the most of your time. Workouts are 30 minutes.

How challenging are the workouts?

This program is great for those who are more newly postpartum or just starting (or restarting) their fitness journey. You will get sweaty. You will get endorphins. You will curse me sometimes. But, this program is achievable for most beginners. It is the “bridge” to the more intense SLAM30 and SLAM45 programs.

Do I need cardio in addition to your program?

That is up to you. For most, SLAM Bridge is plenty! There is a combination of cardio and strength training. Workouts are total body. That said, if you enjoy a cardio activity such as running or cycling, you can certainly incorporate that into your fitness routine. Please take at least two rest days each week!

What equipment do I need?

Here is list of equipment needed.

How long is the program?

SLAM Bridge is 12 weeks.

How are the workouts presented?

Once you are a member, you will simply log in at You will then click on the workout program of choice. The dashboard saves your place and tracks your progress.

Each workout circuit comes with a series of videos. If the workout is for a certain number of reps, you will watch the tutorial videos and then complete the circuit on your own (not a “follow along”). If the circuit is for time, Ashley will often do the workout “alongside” you. The reason is, when a workout is for reps, you need to do it on your own to respect your own pace, and to watch your body and tune in with your core. When the workout is for set time, you can still respect your pace and do it alongside Ashley.

Do I get access to all the programs when I subscribe?

Yes! You will have access to Core Basics, SLAM Bridge, SLAM30, SLAM45, SLAM Advanced, SLAM Pregnancy, SLAM Stretch, SLAM Core, SLAM Nutrition, and a private Facebook group!

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