TIP 01

Learn to Breathe

“Hey Ashley, I know how to breathe.” But do you know how to breathe optimally? Proper breathing is literally the most important thing I could EVER teach you. Our diaphragm and pelvic floor work together. Once you learn how to use your breath, deep core and pelvic floor like the team they are meant to be, so many of your postpartum woes will improve. This is our super power!

TIP 02

Exhale When You Lift

When we lift something heavy—our toddler, a bag of dog food—our tendency is to bear down and push out against our core. The thing is, this puts so much pressure down on our pelvic floor and out against our already compromised abdominal connective tissue. One of the most protective things we can do to facilitate healing is to remember to exhale with exertion. Yes, like a weirdo! Haaaaaaa or Ssssss… out your mouth as you lift.

TIP 03

Tripod It

Mom-ing is hard work. Think about how many times a day you bend over. Putting the dishes in, picking up toys, lifting a laundry basket. When our core is working on healing, that typical “rounded back” lift can put a lot of strain on our core and pelvic floor…AND our low back. I want you to think about being a tripod. The more points of contact you have with the earth—the better. Stagger your stance, widen your base, and use your free hand for support.

TIP 04

Stop Butt Gripping

This is another one of those compensatory strategies that our body likes to adopt. When we are still building core strength, our pelvis is looking for some stability. Your glutes step in to save the day. But that constant gripping and tightening prevents your core from firing optimally, and it also can create a lot of pelvic floor tightness. Our glutes and pelvic floor are very much a mirror of one another. If you have tight, over-gripping glutes, you probably have a tight over-gripping pelvic floor, too. Try this trick to stop the grip!

TIP 05

Stop Sucking In

Okay, this one is hard. I know you want to hold things in, because we live in a culture of “thin.” But you deserve to breathe. Sucking in puts a kink in our natural breathing system. It can leave you with a number of pelvic floor concerns, increase your anxiety, cause constipation, and more. So let that ish go! Seriously. I’m watching you.


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