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Slam Advanced

Time to turn up the heat another notch! This program is designed to transition you to modification-free workouts (of course use modifications as needed!). SLAM Advanced will get you back to the fully prone position (planks, push-ups, etc.), flexion (yes, sitting up), and will include more rotation work and advanced core training. The goal of this program is to take your fitness next-level…making you even stronger than pre-babies. Intensity increases while we continue to smash our strength, metabolic conditioning, and core-focused circuits–advanced-style! You got this, strong mama!

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Slam Advanced Overview

SLAM Advanced will get you back to the fully prone position (planks, push-ups, etc.), flexion (yes, sitting up), and will include more rotation work and advanced core training.

Program equipment

Getting the right the equipment is made easy. Check out ashley’s recommendations to make the most of your workouts.

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Who is this program for?

This program is next level! You’ve completed Core Basics, and SLAM, and now you are ready to progress to more challenging and less modified movements. This program has a similar feel to SLAM, but the workouts are more intense. Challenge your body in a way you didn’t think possible.

How do I know I'm ready for SLAM Advanced?

  1. You’ve completed Core Basics and SLAM.
  2. Your breathing and core engagement is becoming “second nature.”
  3. You can hold core engagement for longer periods of time without bearing down.
  4. You feel ready to incorporate some more jumping, flexion, and fully prone movements back into your routine.

How long are the workouts?

Workouts are 45-60 minutes and contain a mix of metabolic conditioning, strength training and core-specific work.

What equipment do I need?

You will use the same equipment that you used in SLAM, plus a medicine ball. Here is the list.

How challenging are the workouts?

These workouts are hard. Listen to your body, and only progress as you are personally able. The goal is to take you right to your individual threshold, but to work there–safely.

How long is the program?

SLAM Advanced is ongoing.

How many days a week?

SLAM Advanced is designed to be three days of work, with one day of rest. Every fourth day is a rest day. You can tailor the schedule to meet your individual needs.

Is this program for home or the gym?

Either! You can complete the program with minimal equipment at home, but you can also do it in the gym. The program uses dumbbells, but you can use a barbell if you have access to one and want to increase your weight.

What people say about me

I work out in a gym w/ no mirrors or on my back patio. Doing arms today, wanted to check my form so stood in front of bathroom mirror. OMG! I’ve got shoulder muscles! And abs! Always been an athlete, haven’t always felt like my body shows it. I’m stinkin’ proud. Thank youum


Total Body Burn with Exercise Balls Your program is literally changing my life!!! I almost feel like myself again (my pre-baby self that is). I’m getting my strong body back and I’m happier. I’m eating better than I ever have (I still have dessert….but portions are smaller and cravings are less!). My body looks different than it did pre-babies, but I’m happy. And it feels good. Xoxo. Grateful.



Have to thank you again. Got the best compliment and motivator by a stranger at the grocery store yesterday. A woman wanted to know what gym I belong to because she hadn’t seen me at hers (small town problems) and was impressed by my physique. Told her I worked out at home with your app and she was so impressed that I could achieve what I have just at home! to. couldn’t wait to crush another workout!!



Hammies and Buns!

Urn I cannot even believe the changes that have been happening in my body!!! My belly is actually looking flat!!! Whatnm I really did not believe that was even going to be a possibility again. Not to mention how freaking buff I’m getting. My seperation has been stuck at 2.5 fingers (after going from 4+) for awhile and everyone told me it would most likely stay that way. Well I just measured and it is slightly wider than one fingerm!! Thank you for showing me how freaking bad ass I can be!!