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SLAM Bridge

SLAM Bridge is most beneficial for those newer to fitness and/or more newly postpartum. Build off the skills learned in Core Basics with total-body, 30-minute workouts designed to build your endurance, strengthen your core, and love your pelvic floor.

Ready for more of a challenge? Check out SLAM.

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SLAM Bridge

30-minute workouts that build core strength, endurance, and self-confidence. Perfect for getting you back into a fitness routine, and/or to help build stamina postpartum.

Recommended Program Equipment

Getting the right the equipment is made easy. Check out Ashley’s recommendations to make the most of your workouts.

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What people say about me

Umm I cannot even believe the changes that have been happening in my body!!! My belly is actually looking flat!!! What?!?!? I really did not believe that was even going to be a possibility again. Not to mention how freaking buff I’m getting. My separation has been stuck at 2.5 fingers (after going from 4+) for awhile and everyone told me it would most likely stay that way. Well I just measure and it is slightly wider that one finger!!!!! Thank you for showing me how freaking bad ass I can be!!!

W10/D3 ?


Day 5, Um, a little bit of shoulders. I’m starting to feel so strong! Even my PF FT has noticed!




As a longtime Crossfitter dealing with prolapse, this is the first postpartum workout I’ve done that actually makes me feel like my old self. Thanks!




I absolutely LOVE your app. Thank you for taking the time to help all of us mom’s out in the world who love working out without the time to dedicate to the gym. I hated working out at home until now. I can’t thank you enough



Sexy Shoulders & Strong Core Absolutely the best! These exercises are a true gift from God through you! With this program, I finally feel confident that I can work out, strengthen by body and protect/strengthen my core?DR. I love that I can work at my own pace through a very specific program that hits every muscle. :clap::love_you_gesture:. So thankful for you!!




YES! Just finished W4/D4 of your program and have been LOVING it! The most challenging program I’ve done (and I’ve done a few), while also being protective and beneficial to my postpartum healing journey! Started seeing and feeling changes really quickly! So excited to continue to look and (more importantly) feel stronger and stronger! Thank you for all that you do! :heart:




Hey Ashley! Just wanted to share something awesome with you. I took some measurements the week I started your program because I don’t love scales and also because I don’t love selfies either. So last week I decided to measure again, because it had been about three weeks since I started your program. Now I also have to say that I did not have a “perfect” three weeks. I had some junk food, drank some wine on multiple occasions because of Labor Day and some family celebrations, and I also skipped about 3-ish workouts. But! Despite all the mess-ups and poor eating and skipped workouts etc……

Here’s how many inches I lost in each place: True waist-1 Navel – 1.75…



Day 2: Quadzilla for life! :muscle: :leg: Who knew that by getting a killer strong core and getting those glutes to remember their job would eliminate back pain?!!! :exploding_head: totally amazing program Ashley!!!!! You help mommas everywhere feel stronger. You ROCK!




Day 5- Leg Day: Test yourself! That.Kicked.My.Butt. You are amazing. I’m feeling so much stronger. I haven’t iced my back or taken ibuprofen for low back pain in over a month. This program works. Thank you thank you thank you!!




Super Sets with Cardio Accelerators My husband keeps complimenting my calves! I’ve never had definition in my calves!  




Shoulders (all with a side of core) The changes I’m seeing are unbelievable! I’ve never had so much muscle definition! Not even in my 20s 





 Day 4-Lower Body, Upper Body Combos! Love that I can get in the best shape of my life with minimal equipment!