Workout Plans


Intensive practice for moms who are ready to push themselves.



Strengthen your core and pelvic floor with step by step coaching.
Included for free with Strong Like a Mother subscription.


Power Pregnancy

Strength and conditioning for each step of pregnancy.


Core Basics

A program designed to help you reconnect your mind to those sometimes hard-to-find core and pelvic floor muscles. Learn to strengthen your body from the inside…out!

  • Six progressive levels of core exercises to help rebuild your core,
    flatten your tummy, and strengthen your pelvic floor.
  • Coaching every step of the way through streaming video workouts
  • Self-paced to meet you wherever you are in your road to
    healing and strengthening.
  • Core strengthening tips and body mechanic suggestions to
    make everyday activities nd mom-duties more manageable.
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and find moral support.

29.99 Single Time Purchase


Strong Like a Mother (SLAM)

SLAM is a total body fitness program that loves your core and pelvic floor each step of the way.  One subscription gives you access to:

  • Core Basics
  • SLAM Bridge (30-minute workouts to build strength and stamina)–12 weeks
  • SLAM (45-minute workouts that turn up the heat)–24 weeks
  • SLAM Advanced (45-60 minute workouts that kick butt!)–ongoing
  • Un-Diet: A nutrition guide (Approach nutrition with love, not restriction)
  • Private Facebook group for support and questions

Ashley is a firm believer that every woman deserves to find her strong. As such, she gives ALL the tools needed to succeed within one subscription.

Each workout provides you with detailed video instructions, ensuring that you get the most out of your workouts, and that you benefit your core with each and every exercise. You also get Rest Day Tips to help you shift your mindset, move more mindfully during mom-life tasks, and nourish yourself. SLAM is truly a whole mother approach.

Ready for a workout program that is fun and challenging YET mindful of our mom bods? Let’s go!



Power Pregnancy Program

This is more than just your average “stay fit” pregnancy guide. This is a program designed by Ashley (Get Mom Strong) and Sara (The Vagina Whisperer, pelvic floor physical therapist) to keep your core and pelvic floor strong and awesome WHILE working your entire body–safely and effectively.  With your purchase you will receive access to Core Basics–Pregnancy Edition to lay the foundation for core and pelvic floor health, and teach you how to keep your core and pelvic floor strong throughout pregnancy and into postpartum.

When ready, progress to the detailed Power Pregnancy workout circuits tailored to each week of your pregnancy.  Each and every exercise coaches you through core and pelvic floor engagement and form, working to keep you as strong and energized as possible throughout your pregnancy. Daily workouts are 30-40 minutes, and combine and effective blend of strength and conditioning to maximize your time.

You’ll also have access to weekly pelvic health tips and a searchable library.

  • 3x weekly workouts designed to help you train safely and
    effectively through pregnancy
  • Weekly pelvic health tip
  • Video tutorials to better help you learn
  • Breathing techniques to strengthen and relax core and pelvic floor
  • Stretches and core strengthening tips to prepare your body for birth and a better postpartum recovery
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