This woman is a pure warrior. At not-quite 24 Rachel had three strokes. Misdiagnosed as food poisoning, the damage to her brain was substantial. Doctors said she shouldn’t be alive. Rachel rebuilt her strength through sheer will and grit. With many months of rehab, she was able to walk, talk, and feed herself again. That November, Rachel found out she was expecting her first son. After his delivery, she noticed some lingering stroke symptoms and decided that she needed a program that focused on core. She found Get Mom Strong on Instagram and soon committed to the SLAM program. Rachel has been crushing it day in and day out. She is pumped about seeing her abs for the “first time in her life,” but even more pumped at the freedom her fitness gives her.

“SLAM has given me every tool and instruction for how to grow confidently into the physical demands of motherhood. No magic. No fluff.  Just grit, grunts, and lots of laughs along the way.” 

And since Rachel filmed this video, she wrote to say that she needed to switch to the Power Pregnancy program!!! Yep! She is pregnant with baby number two March 2021!
Watch this video. I promise you a triumphant cry. Click Here to watch