You want to be comfy while you chase kids all day, but also not in your pajamas or workout clothes on repeat? I got you. 

These outfits are super comfy, practical and stylish. 

Best part…they aren’t too tight, which makes our pelvic floor happy. More on that later. But first, here are some COMFY and affordable mom-life outfits to rock this summer. 

1. Romper Dress $27

Okay, it has adjustable straps, is super stretchy, and has shorts underneath. Plus–I mean–POCKETS. 

I am also linking the tank, which I love, because it has a built in bra with a little padding (IYKYK).

Comes in 32 colors.

Romper dress

2. Skort – $30 

This skort is so freaking soft and it really moves with your body. No digging seams. The cargo looks is so cute. And of course–it has shorts built in. 

Come ins this green color and black, from American Eagle.

Oh and this tank top? Also from AE!


3. Romper Overalls – $20

I love that the straps are adjustable, making it perfect for the short and tall girlies. My husband said I looked like a mechanic in this, but he also said I was the hottest mechanic there ever, so… 

Plus, I got so many compliments on it at the airport. 

Comes in 7 colors.

And I paired it with this super comfy $15 tank.

Romper overalls

4. Workout Romper – $38

Okay, okay. Technically workout clothes…but I mean…this is elevated. It feels supportive enough that you don’t need a bra. It has a built in liner. Material keeps you cool. It also comes in a million colors. 

I got the Free People romper that is similar and I honestly liked this one far better. I’m not playing. 

Comes in 19 colors.

Workout romper

5. Strapless Jumpsuit – $53

Show off those Strong Like A Mother program gains in this comfy and breezy jumpsuit. It seriously lets the tummy hang free and airs out all the bits. I feel so strong in this one.  I read all the reviews and the small was great for my 5’3 frame. 

Comes in black and white.


Shoes to Pair with Comfy Mom Outfits

A natural foot splay is key for the whole kinetic chain, including your pelvic floor. My go to?

  1. Wide Width Converse!

Pro tip: White converse look good with everything and you can order them in a WIDE, making them better for your toe box, which is better for you body.  

White converse

2. Whitin Wide Toe Box Canvas Shoes

These minimalist, wide toe shoes are mega cute with all the things, too. And, they are great for your foot health too.

Why Tight Clothes are Bad for You

Tight clothes are terrible for our pelvic floor…and well, our confidence.

I hate to state the obvious, but if your clothes don’t fit properly, it is more than okay to buy a bigger size. Our clothes are supposed to fit our body…not the other way around.

When our waistband is too tight, it cuts off our body’s natural breathing pattern. When we inhale, our rib cage is meant to expand like an umbrella. Overflow of the breath should go down into our tummy. This helps with stress, our digestive system, and even helps bring balance to the pelvic floor.

When we can’t comfortably breathe down into our bodies, we start breathing up into our chests. This creates a stress response, limits the pelvic floor and well, it feels like poo anyway.

Proper breathing

Proper breathing


So free your dang belly! This will help so much with your core, pelvic floor, and your mindset!