I’m continuing my series, “Clothes are supposed to fit you…not the other way around!” Be sure to check out best stretchy jeans, and comfortable every day outfits, for some more breathable mom-bod fashion.

Not only do we feel better physically when our clothes stretch and move with us, but we also feel better mentally too. Also, our pelvic floor really appreciates it when we can take a full inhale down into our body.

Now listen, I tried on like 1,000 shorts. Dramatic? Maybe, but it didn’t feel far off.

The shorts needed to meet a few criteria:

  • Stretchy, especially in the waist.
  • Full booty coverage even if you are rocking a #slambooty (that’s the name my SLAM app members have given it)
  • Affordable!

(Please note: I do make a small commission off link products)

1. Aerie Daydream Denim Shorts  

  • $49.95 (Comes in five colors)

These literally have a stretchy waistband. They are so freaking comfy and like better than maternity pants! Size down one size. They run big!
I paired it with this $17 tank top, and these super cute, wide-toe box shoes.


2. OFLUCK Shorts

  • $25 (Comes in 3 colors)

I jokingly call these my “mullet shorts”, because they are short in the front, but longer in the back. These might be my fave of the bunch. If you are between sizes, size down.

I paired these platform Adidas shoes and this soft bodysuit.

3. 90’s Style Shorts

  • $32 (Comes in 13 colors)

When I say these stretch, I mean…they stretch. I got a size small, and I’m usually between a small and medium.

I wore this with cute hat and this amaze-balls bodysuit.

4. Luvamia Shorts 

  • $24 (Comes in 5 colors)

If you aren’t brave enough for white shorts, don’t worry, they come in a few less “live-on-the-edge” colors. These cover the booty, stretch over the thighs and don’t cut into your waist.
I wore the same tank top as above, because it is my fave. These minimalist shoes are so comfy, great for your feet and so cute.

5. Free People Overalls

  • $88 (Comes in 11 colors)

These are perfect for the bloated days, if you know what I mean.

I added a little flare with this viral lace top.