Tight jeans are terrible for our pelvic floor…and well, our confidence.

I hate to state the obvious, but if your jeans don’t fit properly, it is more than okay to buy a bigger size. Our clothes are supposed to fit our body…not the other way around.

I also 10/10 recommend pants with some stretch and give.


Why Tight Jeans are Bad for You

When our waistband is too tight, it cuts off our body’s natural breathing pattern. When we inhale, our rib cage is meant to expand like an umbrella. Overflow of the breath should go down into our tummy. This helps with stress, our digestive system, and even helps bring balance to the pelvic floor.

When we can’t comfortably breathe down into our bodies, we start breathing up into our chests. This creates a stress response, limits the pelvic floor and well, it feels like poo anyway.

Proper breathing

Proper breathing

My Top 3 Jeans for Moms

I’ve tried all the jeans for my twin-skin clad belly, thick thighs, and athletic backside. Here are the winners.

1. Levi Ribcage ($69)

Is it dramatic to say that these jeans are the best things that have ever happened to me as it relates to clothing?

They stretch. They have a v-seam to enhance the backside. And (drum roll), they really STRETCH! I have them in two colors and they are my go-to. I am wearing a size 26 here.

2. ZMPSIISA Women High Waisted Cargo Pants ($37)

Most 2000s trends that have returned have made me sad. Not you, cargo pant. I’m here for it.

These are great because they are super affordable, stylish, and the waistband is stretchy in the back. Not quite maternity pants-stretchy, but pretty close!

I am wearing a size small, but I feel like I could have gone with a medium for a baggier look.

3. Free People Jayde Jeans ($98)

They are like leggings, but they are jeans. If you can swing the price point, grab these NOW. The cut is cute. It makes my short legs look a mile long.

I am 5’3 and got a 27 short for reference. They fit perfectly!