It is estimated that nearly 2 out of 3 pregnant women experience back pain. The number is even higher postpartum.

Like no crap, right? Tell you something you don’t know.

It is sort of crazy when you stop to think about it. We grow humans, which literally shifts our posture. It also weakens our core and our glutes. To compensate for our stretched and weakened core, we end up in one of two postures, typically. We tend to sit in that butt-tucked under posture (posterior pelvic tilt), or a big swooping arch in the low back (anterior pelvic tilt). Sometimes we hang out in a really awesome combo (sarcasm, folks). This can be a lot on our spine and can even cause some tightness in the pelvic floor, which can lead to leaks.

After baby comes, BOOM. Our core is even more compromised and yet now we are responsible for carting around those bucket carseats from hell, bathing our toddlers, and keeping the house somewhat not disastrous.

As you work on healing your core and strengthening your body through Strong Like a Mother, this hack can sure help with the day-to-day stuff.

TRIPOD IT! Yes, I want you to move through life drawing inspo from the almighty tripod. Tripods are stable. You can’t easily tip them. Tripods don’t have back pain.

I’m about ready to drop all caps on you right now, because–yes–I’m yelling this.


Literally, be a tripod.  What do I mean by that? Instead of leaning over, do this.

1: Stagger your stance to widen your base.

2: Take your free hand and place it on your thigh.

3: Use this tripod position as you lower down.

4: Big exhale as you stand to protect your pelvic floor.

Watch this quick video. It will brain wash you real good.

Take some pressure off your back!

Now let’s get your postpartum core strong! Strong Like A Mother (SLAM) lays the foundation for healing diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, and back and hip pain by teaching you proper core and pelvic floor engagement. Build on this foundation with total-body workouts. There is a program path for every level of fitness.

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