Okay–it is hot as balls up here in the A-Z, and all I can muster to put on my body is shorts.  I looked far and wide to find good high-waisted exercise shorts, and here are my top five. High waist is life after babies (especially after the twins).  For those of us with a little extra stretch and/or diastasis recti, these shorts are all AWESOME.

In full disclosure (although it doesn’t sway my opinion at all!), I do get a small affiliate kick-back if you purchase through the links that take you to Amazon.

Best for the Price: There was a THREE-WAY TIE!!!! All three of these are around $20 and amaze-balls!

  1. 90 Degree By Reflex 

Why I love em’: Two things–high waist and pockets. These offer the perfect amount of support…a mild compression.  You can still breathe with ease and accommodate a nice burrito baby, but it holds you in and makes you feel supported. The price is great, and they hold up to washing and mom life–no problem! Also, they are a good length–great for if you are tall or short.


2: THE GYM PEOPLE High Waist Shorts

Why I love em’: I got these in white, which is BRAVE! But the fabric is so durable and easy to clean, it is no big deal.  These are the perfect length on me (I’m 5’3″ for reference) because they aren’t too long and they aren’t too short.  They don’t ride up, and they hold up through all my HIIT training and Strong Like a Mother workouts. These shorts make me feel the perfect blend of fit and sexy! If I had to pick just one pair of shorts, I’m quite certain I’d pick these!

3. Persit Yoga Shorts for Women with Pockets High Wasited Running

Why I love em’: I love the height of the waist on theses. They come up to the perfect level without giving me dreaded camel toe. I also really like the seams on the butt.  Make that boo-tay look a little more shapely.  These seem to hold it in where needed and let it shine where deserved.


Best Splurge:

Lululemon Align 4″

Why I love em’: It is like being naked. Legit.  The compression isn’t super compression-y, but it is worth it for the comfort of nakedness.  Plus, you butt will look legit in these. I also appreciate that they don’t squeeze at the thighs.  No sausage thighs here!!


Best for Fun Designs and Higher Intensity Sports:

Halo Fitness 

Why I love em’: This company is owned and operated by a badass mama! The fabric is so durable because she lives the Crossfit life.  What I love so much about these is that they are short, which is perfect for Crossfit, but have a high waist. That combo is hard to find. And you have to check out her patterns. Legit–the funnest shorts you’ll find!!! Even though they are in Europe, they ship anywhere.


What are your favorite shorts? Do share!