Monday Move: The Vacuum

This one simple move can make such a difference in your core strength and appearance of your stomach after having kids!  Learning to properly engage your core is integral in all exercise and everyday life.  Unlike vacuuming your house only to have gold fish crumbs strewn moments later, the results from performing this vacuum are long lasting.
This move certainly isn’t new. Weight lifters have been using the vacuum for decades to tighten and shrink their waistline. That’s fine and well, but it is also a very practical movement for strengthening your core. Learning to engage your inner most “corset abs”…aka the transverse abdominis …is integral in healing your #postpartum ab separation. Knowing how to engage your abs when you lift weights, children, laundry…anything…is like the cryponite to a shitty, dysfunctional core, a bad back, and stress incontinence.  

Here are a couple cues to remember as you learn this movement:
inhale and fill belly with air
exhale and draw belly button to spine.
I like to think of my belly button as a pin popping a balloon and releasing the air.
draw pelvic floor in and up
Weird cue, but it worked for me: I pretend I am drinking a smoothie through a straw in my vagina (“she’s weird.” You’re right–I totally am!)
Things NOT to do:
??you are not pushing like a poop
??you should not be straining so that you can’t talk
practice this as you drive, watch television, and do it until it becomes second nature.
This should be one of the first abdominal exercises taught to new #moms after #pregnancy. Our culture doesn’t teach proper postpartum recovery and it chaps me.

This move won’t solve the twin skin issue, but has made a difference in my “mommy tummy”–bigly.