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Stop Sucking In–Your Pelvic Floor Hates It!


Have you noticed that your low abs just won’t budge? You just have this pooch. It could be diastasis recti. Check yourself. It is simple! But it might also come down to something quite simple, yet super complicated. Breathing.

Sucking in makes your tummy worse. Sucking in makes your prolapse worse. Sucking in makes your leaking WORSE.  Sucking in makes everything freaking worse. It even effects proper digestion, and weakens our orgasms. Yep.

Let your ish go, ladies. Legit.

When we hold in our tummy (or wear super tight clothes) it thwarts our natural breathing system. This causes pressure where we don’t want it!

It also causes us to chest breathe. This can cause headaches, and it also increases our anxiety levels.

Watch your little one breathe. He/she hasn’t learned to suck in yet, and so they breathe beautifully. Their inhale goes into their ribs and overflow down to their sweet little bellies. This is how we were meant to breathe.

It can be hard to break the habit, so start with this goal. At home…let it go. Put on comfy clothes and breathe!

I guarantee you’ll start to notice real changes in your body, mind and even sexual pleasure!

Watch this quick video to learn more of the “why” behind proper breathing.  

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