These shirts are my fave “cover the fluff”, but “show off the stuff”…shirts!

Before I dive into my recommendations, let me explain to you my favorite style of shirt! I only like tank tops…year round. I live in Arizona and it is like living on the freaking sun. So I don’t dare put on a real shirt that I will only get pit stains on and feel uncomfortable wearing. Also, I’m particular about the length of my shirts. I don’t like long shirts. They freak me out and bug me. I have found the best cut on *my* body type…tends to be the shorter and kind of boxy crop…well, like my body, I guess. Ha! Okay, but seriously, if you are tall, you might not like these. If you are on the shorter side, with a shorter torso (I’m 5’3 for reference), you might love these.

I feel like shirts are the hardest thing to find with my post-twins body. I bought all the shirts on the planet, and these were my top Amazon finds! I am an affiliate, so if you purchase through these links I get a small kickback, and I’m very grateful.


These are sure to highlight all your hard work, and badass muscle building from the Strong Like a Mother program!!

  1. Bella + Canvas Cropped Tank-$10

When you see it on the model, it seems a little short, right? That is because she is like 5’10” and 110lbs. But if you are about my height, this sits directly at the hip line. It is under $10. It is cotton so you can sweat your freaking face off in it, and it washes well. Also, it comes in a bunch of colors!

Click here to check it out.


2. Mippo Flowy Crop–$15

Long in the front, super short in the back. Covers that tum…highlights that bum. Boom. It comes in six colors. I ALWAYS get compliments on how cute this shirt is whenever I wear it. You’ll see me in the black and grey ones. I know. I’m wild.



Click here to check it out.

3. Xinsilu Workout Tank Casual Cropped–$13 

I dig this material. It is soft and flowy, and has a nice “spring” to it.  This one also comes right to my hip bones. Breathable. Cute racerback cut.

Click here to check it out.



4. Mippo Women’s Crop Top Muscle Tank–$16 


Who doesn’t love a good muscle tank? I love the boxy fit, and sport look of this one. It goes below my hip bones and isn’t clingy at all. Everything I’ve purchased from this brand has been cute and affordable.

Click here to check it out.



5: SPORCLO  Open Back Tank

This one is SO cute with a strappy sports bra. What I LOVE about it, is that it is longer in the front and short in the back. Again, take that focus off the tummy and highlight that booty. Win-win. Reviewers complained about the arm holes fitting funny. I actually felt it fit fine on me and I don’t have boobs. My only complaint about this shirt is that the material is a little heavy, so it can feel a bit hot. But again, I live in the hottest place on earth, so for most of you this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Click here to check it out.



6: Dream SLIM Tie Back–$16 

My camera person accused me of wearing a bandana, but this shirt is cute. Boys don’t get it. Sure, you have to figure out where the head hole is, but once you get past that–you have a super cute shirt. The perk of this shirt is that the tie back makes it bunch a bit in the front, so you get the tighter fit, but without it completely hugging your mid section.


Click here to check it out.



7: Dream SLIM Tie Back (part 2)–$18

This is the same kind of style without the confusion of where to stick your head.  You can bunch it up in the front, but show off your strong glutes.



Click here to check it out.



8: Under Armor Mesh Swing Tank–$28

Another great one by UA. This one is so breathable! Loose fitting. Sits at hip bones. But it is like a lightweight jersey. I also like that it is lower cut, giving it a different look than my other crops.




Click here to check it out.

9. Icyzone Open Back Tank-$14

This one is on the longer size for my body. Again, I’m pretty short. But I like to tie it at the back, and give it a little rouge look in the front.

Click here to check it out.

10. Lianshp Crossback Strappy Bra

I know this isn’t an actual tank, but it is my favorite bra and it is under $20, and well, this is my blog, people. I like that this bra isn’t super tight. Follow their sizing guide, which is super weird. I am a size XL. So I assume it is just for us small teet ladies.